Just like everything else that is revolutionary in BBF, Bachata Battle is also not different. Show your best Bachata skills to win the hearts of the audience - AND The JUDGES in our signature Bachata Competition.

This is your only chance to win the grand money prize of €300 for the first place, as well as multiple Full Passes to a few of the most prestigious Bachata festivals in the world.



This is a Jack & Jill style qualifier round where you will dance to multiple songs with different partners. The judges will select the top 8 followers and leaders to qualify for the Battle.


SATURDAY, JUNE 22 - PARTY (00:30–01:00)

The main competition is here. You will be assigned a partner randomly and will have to battle another pair in quarter-final, semi-final and finals to reach the grand prize. It is not enough to impress the Judges, you will have to win the audience's heart as well.

This is your time to shine.

You have everything you need.



€300 for winning pair - €150 each


Bachata Geneva Festival 2025


Terralivre Festival Winter Edition 2025


Madrid Esencia Festival 2024






It is important that you have read and understood the rules of the competition before you participate in it. It is not rocket-science, and you will easily get the grand prize if you are a good social dancer.


1. The minimum requirement for participating in the Battle is to own a Full Pass/Party Pass AND a Battle Pass. Party Passes are currently not available for sale but will be released in a few weeks. You may already register for the Battle without having a Full Pass/Party Pass, but you will not be able to compete without a valid Full Pass or Party Pass. There will be no refunds for the Battle Pass.

2. You can register for the Battle as a leader or follower. This is for us to ensure that there will be at least 8 followers and 8 leaders for the Battle itself. You may use Role Rotation during each round with your partner, given the condition that you start every round in the role that you signed up for. Switching roles in between rounds is not allowed.

3. The maximum number of registrations allowed will be 50 Followers and 50 Leaders.

4. The judges and line-up artists of BBF are not allowed to participate in the competition.


1. The qualifiers will take place on Saturday, June 22nd at 19:00–20:00. The exact location in Atelier Gardens and time will be communicated to the participants in advance.

2. The qualifiers round aims to select the 8 best followers and leaders for the Battle. It will be done similar to a Jack & Jill style.

3. Brice & Manue, Kornel & Catharine, Johanna & Hannah will judge the qualifiers round. The evaluation will be done on the following criteria for each leader and follower on an individual basis:

  • Leading & Following technique (5 points)

  • Musicality (5 points)

  • Connection with the partner (5 points)

  • Creativity (5 points)

  • Styling (5 points)

4. The final score for the participants will be calculated by adding up the scores in each criterion. Judge scores will be averaged to obtain the final score. The top 8 followers and 8 leaders that received the highest score at the end of the qualifiers round will proceed to the Battle. For example:

Judge A scores:

  • Leading & Following technique (2/5)

  • Musicality (5/5)

  • Connection with the partner (4/5)

  • Creativity (3/5)

  • Styling (1/5)

  • Total: 2+5+4+3+1 = 15

Judge B scores:

  • Leading & Following technique (3/5)

  • Musicality (4/5)

  • Connection with the partner (4/5)

  • Creativity (2/5)

  • Styling (3/5)

  • Total average: 3+4+4+2+3 = 16

FINAL SCORE: (16 + 15)/2 = 15,5

5. If two or more participants obtained the same score as the 8th qualifiers, they will be asked to dance one more round with a partner of their choice from the participants.

6. Qualifiers will take place only if the number of registered leaders and followers is more than 8 which is required for the Battle. If not, all the registered participants will directly proceed to the Battle without qualifiers.

7. At the beginning of the qualifiers, the leaders and followers will be put in groups of 4 leaders and 4 followers for easier evaluation and more visibility. Each leader and follower in the group will pick a partner on a random basis to start dancing to a Bachata song. During the song, they will be asked to switch partners. By the time the song ends, all leaders and followers would have danced with each other at least once. The scores will be assigned by the end of the song.

8. Absence in the qualifiers round will count as zero (0) points.

The Battle

1. The Battle will take place on Saturday, June 22nd, during the Saturday Party at 01:00. Exact time will be communicated to the qualified participants in advance.

2. Battle participants are the 8 followers and 8 leaders who qualified during the Qualifiers. Participation in the Battle without participation in preselection is not possible. The battles will be run in pairs, not individually.

3. The Battle consists of 3 different rounds: quarter-finals, semi-finals and finals. In each round, a pair (follower + leader) will battle with another pair (follower + leader) on stage.

4. Each leader will be paired up randomly with a follower on the spot, with a draw. This pair will stay together throughout the rest of the battle, partner change is not allowed after this point. However, the roles of leader and follower might be "role-rotated" during the dances in each round.

5. The Battle judges are Gero y Migle, Felipe y Tiago and Marc y Marilyn. ADICTO reserves the right to change or update the judges before the competition. Such a change will be communicated to the participants in advance.

6. Besides the official judges, the audience will also cast their vote for each round. The majority of votes will determine the audience winner at each round.

7. The battle scheme will be processed in an elimination format. The battle scheme is demonstrated below. Each battle in the quarter-final consists of pairs dancing to a 1-minute Bachata song. Semi-finals will be danced to two 1-minute tracks, and the final battle to two 2-minute tracks. In case of a draw, a 3rd song will be danced to. The first team to collect 2 wins in the semi-final or final phase will win that battle.

8. In each battle round, the pair that has collected the highest score from the judges and the audience will proceed to the next round. The judges will base their decision on the following:

  • Leading & Following technique

  • Musicality

  • Connection with the partner

  • Creativity

  • Styling

  • Fusion technique

  • Role rotation flow & technique (if chosen by the participants)

Each judge will give a yes/no decision. Every yes will count as 1 point. Every judge will place their vote individually, not as a couple. With this said, every participant can collect a maximum of 6 points and a minimum of zero (0) points from the judges.

The collective audience vote counts as 2 points and is based on the majority. The audience can break a draw (3-3) or force a rematch (in the case of 4-2, 2-4 changing to 4-4 with audience vote). The votes of the audience and the judges will be revealed simultaneously to avoid bias.

9. The team that wins the final phase wins the battle and the grand prize. The second place will be given to the losing team in the final phase. Third place will be given to one of the losing teams that collected the highest points in the semi-final phase.

Fair Play

1. Although this is a dance battle, it still is a social dance competition. For this reason, show tricks, acrobatics, lifts, and anything that a social dancer wouldn't do on a social dance floor will not be tolerated. Doing any of these during the competition to impress the judges or the audience will result in -3 points.

2. Any move, behavior or trick that will threaten other participants, the jury, or the audience, bias the results or judges' decision will result in disqualification.

3. In case of sickness, injury, or absence, the qualified participants must inform the organisers immediately.

Final Remarks

1. ADICTO deserves the right to change the rules of the competition before it starts. If that's the case, the participants will be informed immediately.

2. The grand prize will be transferred to the participants' bank account or PayPal address of choice, latest 60 days after the end of the competition. Cash payments won't be allowed.

3. The full passes won cannot be exchanged for money. The passes will be issued by the organisers of the respective festival after ADICTO organisation has informed them about the competition results, which should not take more than 60 days after the competition.

4. ADICTO cannot be held liable for any injuries, damage or losses incurred by participating in this competition. Every participant is required to make a judgement in being good health and form to participate in such a competition.