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are you ready to battle?

Get your dance partner and show us who the master of the dance floor is! It is all about social dance skills, presence, and originality. The audience is the judge: make them happy and you will get the top prize in no time!

Already convinced? Scroll down to read about the rules and join us.


1st place - adicto premium pass & FULL PASS FOR BACHATA GENEVA FESTIVAL


3rd place - full pass to one event from the big three series & full pass for adam bachata xperience

24.6.23 Saturday Party at BBF23

battle rules

1. You can enter the battle only in pairs of 1 Leader and 1 Follower (gender-neutral, 18+). The roles may be switched at each point of the competition.

2. Battle consists of 3 levels: quarter-final, semi-final, and final. In each round, one pair will battle one randomly assigned pair of the opposing team. The first battle assignments will be decided via a poll at the beginning of the battle.

3. Each battle consists of 2 rounds. In each round, the DJ will play 45-60 seconds of a random Bachata song and the couples in the battle will improvise to it.

4. The audience decides on the winner of each round. The winner of each round gets 1 point. The couple that gets the most points in total moves on to the next level. If there is a tie, the teams play a third round to decide the winner.

5. The final takes place between the last remaining pairs. The losing pair in the final round gets the 2nd place and the pair with the highest points in the whole competition that got eliminated in the semi-final gets the 3rd place.

6. Acrobatics and choreographies are not allowed in the competition.

7. Solo participation is not allowed. You might have solo and shine parts during the improvisation.

8. Adicto organizers and lineup artists are not allowed to compete.

9. Battles will be organized as follows:

Participating couples: A, B, C, D, E, F, G

Quarter-Final Battles: Q1. A-B Q2. C-D Q3. E-F Q4. G-H

Semi-Final Battles: S1. Q1 - Q4 S2. Q2 - Q3

Final Battle: F1. S1 - S2

10. The whole battle will take place during the Saturday night party, particularly on 24.6.2023, around 23:59. The participants need to be at the venue 30 minutes before the starting time.

11. Each participant needs to have one of the following in order to join the battle: Full Pass, Party Pass, or Party Ticket for the Saturday Party. An extra Battle Ticket (per participating pair) will also be required, which can be purchased on the official ticket shop of the festival.

12. All registered participants agree their photos and videos be taken during the battle for marketing purposes.

13. ADICTO reserves the right to cancel the participation at any point, if the rules are violated or if it has been determined that the battlers commit any act that endangers the safety, or trustworthiness of other battlers, the artists, or violates the rules or the objectivity of the battle in general.

14. Prizes of the battle are as follows (1 for each member of the winning pair):

1st Place: PREMIUM Pass: Full Pass for The BIG3 Series and BBF24 & Full Pass for Bachata Geneva Festival

2nd Place: Full Pass for BBF24 & Full Pass for Terralivre Festival Winter Edition

3rd Place: Full Pass for a The Big Three event of your choice and Full Pass for Adam Bachata Xperience

Prizes can't be exchanged for money or sold to others. They are granted to the battlers only.

15. All the winners will be contacted by e-mail to receive their prizes.

16. First 8 registrations will guarantee a spot in the battle. Everyone who registers afterward will be put on a waiting list and will be given a spot if any of the first 8 battlers cannot compete for some reason. There will be no refunds for any of the passes that have been purchased for the battle if the pair is not able to compete for any reason. This includes those that are on the waiting list and that does not get a spot.

17. Registrations without a valid Battle Pass will not be taken into consideration.

18. ADICTO reserves the right to change competition rules anytime before the battle.