season passes

You have already experienced ADICTO quality and become addicted? You already know you want to commit to all the events of the season and not have to purchase every full pass individually? SEASON PASSES are the perfect opportunity and they come with amazing additional perks!

Season Passes always offer the lowest price per event, with added benefits.

  • FULL PASS for THE BIG3 Series and BBF

  • 5 % discount on all EXTRAS for these 4 events, like Masterclasses, Bootcamps, etc.

  • PREMIUM ADICTO T-shirt (Organic)

  • PREMIUM Armband - a unique armband that will get you recognized

  • PRIORITY CUSTOMER SERVICE - have a question? We make sure you get answered before everyone else, and as soon as possible

  • SHAPE the events - we hear your feedback and take it seriously as our trusted PREMIUM members

  • FULL PASS for THE BIG3 Series

  • 5 % discount on all EXTRAS for these 3 events, like Masterclasses, Bootcamps, etc.

  • Regular ADICTO T-shirt

  1. Season Passes are valid for one season only. A season begins one day after the end date of BBF in the previous season and ends on the last day of BBF for the current season. For example, season 23/24 begins on June 26th 2023, one day after end of BBF23 and ends on June 23rd 2024, the last day of BBF24.

  2. The passes can be used only by the person who has their name on the pass with a valid photo ID. They are not transferrable to someone else - someone other than the pass owner will not be allowed entry to an event with your pass.

  3. The number of redemptions for each season pass is limited to the events included in the pass. The pass cannot be used for events that are not covered by the pass.  

  4. The passes provide only a FULL PASS for the events covered by the pass. Extras are not included. It cannot be exchanged for another type of pass.

  5. Tickets included in the season pass, as well as the perks like T-shirts cannot be converted to cash, vouchers or credits.

  6. Season passes are not refundable.

  7. Season passes can change ownership ONLY ONCE. Once you sell your pass, you lose access to all the remaining redemptions in your pass. It is not permitted to sell your pass "temporarily" and get it back later. To change ownership, please follow the same procedure to send an email to with your name, the name and e-mail of the person of the new owner of the pass. Please do not do any transactions before the change of ownership has been confirmed by us.

  8. For all T&C, please refer here.

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