It is our big pleasure to greet you at one of the highlights of the year. Thank you very much for your trust in us and congratulations on your PREMIUM ACCESS.

Not only do you have one of the most discounted tickets for this event, but you can also earn even more discounts for our future events by using the referral code you entered during the order process.

What you need to do is simple: Once the event goes live on the midnight of Saturday party on BIG 2 (Feb 19th, around 1 am), your referral code is activated. You just share your code with your friends or on social media, so that people can use it as a promo code when they purchase their full passes. They get a 5% discount and you earn €1 per every ticket purchased with your code. That simple!

Below are the general Terms and Conditions for your reference.

  • Your referral code is activated on Feb 19th at 1:00 am and stays active until the end of the event or the tickets have sold out.

  • You will earn €1 for every Full Pass purchased with your referral/promo code. The final amount will be calculated by the end of the event. For example, if 20 passes have been purchased with your code, you earn a voucher worth €20 that you can spend on one of the future ADICTO events or merchandise.

  • Every voucher can be used only once, and no leftovers will be allowed.

  • Vouchers cannot be converted into cash or credit.

  • Vouchers will be sent to your e-mail address, latest 30 days after the event is complete.

  • The maximum value of the voucher you can receive is €30. It means after you have referred 30 people, your voucher stays at the fixed value of €30 but people may still continue using your promo code.

  • In the case of a cancellation of the event due to unforeseen circumstances, this offer loses its validity.

  • In the case of a change of ownership of your premium pass, your referral code stays the same and you may keep using it. The new ticket owner will not be assigned a new referral code.