We all know that feeling of having to teach and perform at events without getting paid, just so that you can get more exposure and invitations. It is a big fight trying to get booked, when you have so many good artists out there that have already established their place in the Bachata world and it is always the same people getting invited to these events but NOT YOU!

With the FRESH BLOOD initiative, we would like to give one rising star the chance to shine on stage, and without any "free exposure" as payment. Yes, you heard it right: you will be in our official line-up, treated like any other artist and even get paid for it! Is it a dream come true? No, for us, it is giving a talented star the chance to get their foot in and show to the rest of the world what they have on offer. It is a win-win situation: we earn a new talent/blood for our community and you get booked for an international event with top stars.

Here is the deal. We offer you:

  • a spot in the official line-up of LA SORPRESA: PINTO PICASSO LIVE on May 27th 2023 in Berlin, Germany

  • 1 workshop in the main schedule on Saturday, right after Alfredo & Andrea masterclass (so that you get the most exposure)

  • Compensation for your work - we will pay for what you ask for, unless we notice that your prices are not fair based on what we pay other artists of your level

  • A demo video recorded by our official event videographer that you can post in collaboration with our Instagram account

  • participation in the socials and dancing with our participants

  • min. 1 night of hotel stay (Saturday or Friday & Saturday)

  • your flights/train to Berlin and back home

  • 3 meals per day during the duration of the event

What you need to do:

  1. Fill in this application form.

  2. Record a 30 second video explaining why you qualify to be on ADICTO stage, share it in your Instagram stories and tag us so that we can see and share it too. This will help us find out more about your intentions and teaching philosophy.

  3. We want to see how much you are loved and supported in your community and how your community can support us. Once we receive your application form, we will activate your promo code that will give your participants 10 % discount on the Full Pass. Your goal until April 30th will be to sell as many Full Passes as you can with your promo code.

How are we going to decide on the winner?

  1. Your dancing skills: we want to see how you dance and if you are qualified to teach - if you don't have the foundations right, teaching does not make sense. You are responsible for the next generation. We will use your social media and Youtube videos to get an idea.

  2. Your motivation and philosophy for teaching: in this 30 second video, we want to see your motivation. Everyone wants to shine but the reason behind it makes the difference.

  3. Last but not least, we want to see how much you are appreciated in your community as teachers and how you can support us as an event too. The number of people you will bring to our event is important but it is not the only condition to get the spot. You might be the most "popular" but still might not qualify in terms of skills and motivation. It is only one piece of the puzzle.

Don't forget! You can apply only as a couple (not gender specific), not solo. We also can't accept you if you are already a member of ADICTO line-up. Last date of submission is APRIL 23rd 2023. We will inform the winning couple via e-mail and social media.

CONSOLATION PRIZE: The top 3 couples that have sold the highest number of tickets with their promo code will get a free Full Pass for the event and can still participate as guest dancers.